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I was put on the lathe at the age of six at my father's shop. I probably spent 20 years turning before I ever made a piece of furniture. I think turning is my main love or my hell! At this point I do not really know. I sold my first wood turning at age eight and I cried because I thought dad sold it too cheap! 


Even after college, it was always a dream of mine to turn wood out in the forest. Before I started making furniture, I built my own lathe at my cabin near Mt. Tamalpais above Mill Valley. I have 80 stairs to my home so I built the lathe on site from the pillow blocks on up. It is strictly an end lathe for turning massive bowls and for doing hollow vessels which I love to make.

I continue to turn mostly large salad bowls and platters, although, I spent five years turning hollow forms which are extremely beautiful to feel and hold. 


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